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  • Niño Lucero

The Magic Wand of Plastic Surgery

Updated: Feb 1

In this day and age of automation, photo editing, and instant results, wouldn't it be great if plastic surgeons had a tool for body contouring that is as amazing as a magic wand? Thanks to the advancements in medical technology, its is now accepted that radio frequency (RF) tech does wonders to the body in terms of contouring. It directly affects skin and fat by gently heating it under controlled conditions and thermal imaging. By doing so, a net effect of progressive skin tightening, lipolysis (melting of fat), and overall improvement of skin quality and smoothness. The same technology has also been proven to affect the vaginal canal positively in terms of tightness and lubrication. What is even better that this is done under minimal local anesthesia and only takes 30-45 mins. There is no downtime and effects can be appreciated immediately, and even better, these effects progressively increase until 6 months post procedure.

Ask us if this is applicable for you. The FQL Clinic offers this RF technology using a Thermi RF machine.